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The aim of the Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center, Inc. (CSAC) is to help needy Cocker Spaniels find loving homes by displaying their pictures and descriptions and by telling their stories -- to the best possible extent. We will also provide information on how and where to adopt them. Although we are a Maryland corporation, we will try to find homes for Cocker Spaniels wherever they need them. We will post information from all over the United States and beyond as it comes to us.


We have all kinds of new merchandise to promote and support our rescue. Please visit us at Cafe Press, and order away! Every purchase benefits Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center's needy dogs!

Because we do not have an actual rescue facility, it is necessary either to board or make use of very few foster homes for the Cocker Spaniels that come directly to the Adoption Center. This is a costly endeavor, one incurred in addition to the veterinary and grooming bills that we also accumulate as a result of taking dogs in. We are therefore hopeful that people who want to give up their animals will be willing to keep them at their homes until a suitable new home is found. If this is not possible, we hope that they will be willing to help with the cost of boarding and vetting their pets. A Surrender Agreement must be signed at the time any animal is given up. Obviously none of this is possible when strays are found, and those are the dogs that will primarily be taken in by the Adoption Center.

We are always in desperate need of good foster parents and homes. If you would like to become a foster for one or more of our special dogs, please review the Foster Guidelines and Agreement to help determine if you would be able to undertake this rewarding task. Foster families form the backbone of our operation. We cannot do our work without them, but it takes a special kind of person, with a serious sense of commitment and an ability to let go when the time comes. 


If you would like to adopt one of our needy dogs, the fastest and most efficient way to be considered is to fill out an online application, and send it to us as soon as possible. The application will be reviewed by members of CSAC. If it is approved, we will contact the applicant by phone to set up a meeting. A home visit will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time. Whenever appropriate, we check and verify the veterinary history of the applicant's present or previously owned animals. If all goes well, the final stage of the adoption process is filling out the Adoption Agreement, which is signed by the adopter(s) and a CSAC representative.

An adoption fee of $250 is required to help offset the large expenses incurred caring for the dogs. The money is used only for the dogs. The fee for older dogs (over eight years) is $200. 

By the time of adoption all dogs have been examined at least once by one or more board certified veterinarians. The dogs move into their forever homes having had all the treatment and care we can adequately determine they need, including -- but not limited to -- vaccinations, spaying and neutering and heartworm tests. Everything possible is done to reasonably ensure the health and well-being of our dogs. 

Every attempt is made to assess the temperament and behavior of the animals, and they will be as socialized as possible under the circumstances. We are honest with potential adopters about our dogs, and all available information is disclosed. We make no guarantees about the health or temperament of any of our rescue dogs, as we often know so little of their history, but we do all we can to determine and take care of as much as possible under the circumstances. Our primary objective is to see these formerly unfortunate animals placed in safe, secure homes, where they will be loved and accepted as family members for the rest of their lives.

Occasionally we will feature mixed breed dogs and other breeds in need of homes. You may even see a cat or two appear on our pages. We will not turn our backs on any animal in need.

If you want a special lifetime companion, please view our list of adoptable animals. We urge you to check the Urgent section first. These dogs want so much to please people, and many have been senselessly abandoned, sometimes abused, by people they should have been able to trust. We hope you are willing to help us give them a second chance at the lives they truly deserve.


Donations are badly needed and gratefully accepted at any time. Please address any donation checks or money orders, made out to "Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center, Inc." to:

Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center, Inc.
P.O. Box 8150
Elkridge, Maryland 21075-8150

You may also use PayPal for greater ease and convenience. It is faster and more direct. Just click on the icon below, and follow the directions. MANY thanks!



We have an Awards Page to make our readers aware that our efforts are sometimes successful, that we are reaching an ever-expanding audience with our cause and our work. We also want to promote awareness of the efforts behind the dedicated organizations that recognized us. Please check out the page, and feel free to send us your comments.



Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center was founded and its website created, designed and authored by Dr. Valerie Macys. CSAC has permission to use Dr. Macys' work on the website, but Dr. Macys retains the copyright to all her material.

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